The Psychology of the Heart – Cultural Truth from a Chinese Jungian Analyst




Carl Jung had a strong pull to the Chinese culture. He studied the language and wrote extensively on Chinese symbolism, particularly the I Ching. Jung once said that Chinese characters are readable archetypes.  The image of the heart, is the core of Chinese culture and its philosophy.  This webinar will explore the images of the heart in China, and discuss their meaning in Jungian analysis.

Join us for this 2 hour recorded webinar out of Guangzhou, China. We have an indepth PowerPoint lecture as well as professor Shen’s answers to questions asked live  during the webinar.


Shen Heyong is a professor at South China Normal University and Fudan University. He is a Jungian analyst and member of the IAAP. He is President of the Chinese Federation for Analytical Psychology and Sandplay Therapy and has been the main organizer of the International Conference of Analytical Psychology and Chinese Culture (1998-2009). He was a Fulbright scholar in Residence (1996-1997) for the study and teaching of Chinese psychology at UNO/UCLA. He did his analytical training both at the San Francisco C.G. Jung Institute as well as the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To describe Chinese culture and it’s use of the heart as symbolic representation.
  2. Compare Eastern and Western images of emotional wholeness.
  3. Describe Jungian Psychoanalysis within a Chinese culture.



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