The Jung-White Letters



In 1945, Shaken by the terrible revelations of the war that was ending, two men became caught up in a shared mission to transform the spiritual and psychological life of the western world. Driven by this enormous vision, C.G. Jung and Victor White, each a master in his field, agreed to work together on the borderlands of psychology and religion. They risked much on the venture. White, especially, risked his career as a Dominican theologian and arguably his life. In time it became clear that, in their irresolvable debate about the problem of evil, they faced a major stumbling block. This argument revealed the true depth of the chasm between their thought-worlds. Their friendship survived many bruises but, with Jung’s answer to Job and White’s published response to it, the relationship broke almost beyond repair. Taken as a whole, their story is a tragedy. But like all classical tragedies, it has vital interludes of laughter and healthy glimpses of eros – both profane and sacred.

This video includes a 90 minute performance based on a careful selection of letters exchanged between professor Carl Jung and Father Victor White. It is an unforgettable experience of drama and intellectual stimulation as the story of this rich and multifaceted relationship unfolds. Also included is the lively 2 hour teaching seminar from Murray Stein, Ph.D., one of Zurich’s foremost Jungian analysts. It also contains over an hour of in depth interviews with the primary actors and actresses involved in the performance.

The case includes: Paul Brutsche (C.G. Jung), John Hill (Victor White), Heike Weis (Barbara robb, the Soror Mystica), Ann Lammers (Narrator). Introduction and discussion by Murray Stein.


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