Giovanni Segantini



Kathrin Asper, a renowned Zurich Jungian Analyst, explores in amazing depth the life’s work and soul of the 19th Century Italian painter Giovanni Segantini. She covers both his personal background and some profound aspects of his art. Numerous paintings are displayed and examined for both their artistic and archetypal nature.

This one hour seminar was part of Jungian Odyssey 2009, an intensive Jungian retreat organized by the International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (ISAPZURICH) and held at Sils Maria, Switzerland. It also includes a 45 minute bonus interview with Jungian Odyssey organizers Stacy Wirth, Isabelle Meier, John Hill & Murray Stein, all Jungian Analysts. The interview explores how the Jungian Odyssey program came about and details of where it is going.

Katherine Asper, Ph.D. was born in 1941 in Zurich. Studies in literature and education led to her doctorate in literature. Since completing training at the CG Jung institute Zurich in 1975 she has maintained a private practice and lectured worldwide. Her publications in English include The Inner Child in Dreams and The Abandoned Child Within: On Loosing and Regaining Self-Worth. Her professional interests encompass narcissism and self-worth, trauma connected with physical disability, and psychotherapeutic perspectives on fairy tales, literature and art.


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