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Love, Sacrifice, and Individuation

Imelda Gaudissart has been a Jungian Analyst for over 30 years and is author of Love and Sacrifice: The Life of Emma Jung.

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April 18th, 2015

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We are very pleased to host author Imelda Gaudissart in her second webinar with us where she will continue to discuss how she was enticed to write about Emma Jung. Through most of her married life, Emma Jung was faced with the necessity to adjust to Carl’s radical personality and his uncompromising decision regarding his feminine relationships.  Emma’s dramatic solitary experience is still relevant as an illustration of the self-demand for transformation.  We’ll explore this topic from different angles and archetypal perspective.

Love and Sacrifice

Little attention has been paid to Emma Jung’s role in the history of analytical psychology and in the life of C. G. Jung. Imelda’s book is an extended biographical essay, originally published in French, which provides us with a carefully detailed view of this remarkable woman. Gaudissart’s sensitive depiction of Emma Jung reveals a very real woman confronted with an unexpected life and challenged to develop in ways that, for a wife and mother of that period, were almost unimaginable. She worked closely with her husband, C. G. Jung, and Sigmund Freud, becoming herself an analyst, and she was instrumental in establishing the earliest institutions for analytical psychology. The issues Emma Jung faced on her path to individuation will resonate with those of many women today.

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imeldaImelda Gaudissart has a master’s in psychopathology and has been a Jungian analyst for more than thirty years. She is the coauthor, with her husband Pierre, of a new translation of the I Ching. Married and head of a large family, she lives in Tours, on the Loire Valley.

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    David Thompson


    “…the necessity to adjust to Carl’s…uncompromising decision regarding his feminine relationships. What a delicate, euphemistic way of suggesting Jung’s extra-marital affairs!

    “feminine”? You mean females? Women? Well then write, females or women! The Jungians have been tip toeing around Jung’s philandering for many years, always trying to put the “best spin” on that aspect of Jung’s personal history. I remember attending a lecture by Laurens Van der Post many years ago, in which he portrayed Carl Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolf as one happy trio, telling each other their dreams!

    Toni Wolf, Sabina Spielrein, possibly Maria Moltzer are all real women, who were involved with Carl Jung. So let’s not try to soft peddle Jung’s affairs with Jungian euphemisms, as well as the real and genuine pain Emma Jung suffered because of those affairs.

    Thank the gods for Deirdre Bair!

    Concerning Jung…well…as Karl Kerényi quotes (with a slight modification) in his wonderful book…Hermes:Guide of Souls…

    “I am not a cleverly worked-out book,
    I am a Man with his self-contradiction…”.

    From: Huttens letzte Tage”.
    Conrad Ferdinand Meyer.


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