AJC #16 Architecture of the Soul

The Inner & Outer Structures of CG Jung, with Andreas Jung & Murray Stein

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Murray Stein, Ph.D. is a Training and Supervising analyst at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP) in Zurich, Switzerland.
Andreas Jung, grandson of C.G. Jung and co-editor of The House of C.G. Jung

The homes we live in speak volumes not only of our personalities but also our inner psychic structures. Even more so when a house is designed and built by the owner and lived in for the majority of his live. Such is the case for Carl Jung and his lakeside home in Kusnacht. He designed, built, raised children in and composed voluminous writings at this architecturally impressive site. His Grandson, Andreas Jung, lives in the house to this day (2011). He along with Dr. Murray Stein present this seminar offering us a rare glimpse into this part of CG Jung’s life.

C. G. Jung is justly famous for the many books and papers he wrote on psychology and psychotherapy, symbols in religion and mythology, political and social topics of the day, as well as a myriad of other subjects. He is less well known for his artistic accomplishments. Since the publication of The Red Book this awareness has begun to change. More or less simultaneously with the publication of The Red Book, another book about Jung’s architectural interests was released with the assistance of his grandson, Andreas Jung, himself an architect. This book, titled The House of C.G. Jung, details Jung’s contributions toward designing and building his family home in Kusnacht, Switzerland.

Murray Stein & Andreas Jung present this seminar on Carl Jung’s early years and the building of their family home. Dr. Stein presents background biographical and historical information about Jung’s life while he was designing the home. Andreas Jung then offers a detailed account of the architectural plans and work involved in creating the Jung home. Jung’s architecture is then contrasted to other themes in his life and work that offer design and meaning.

Outline of seminar:

1. “Introduction: Jung’s Years at the Burgholzli Klinik in Zurich and his important first years of collaboration with Freud” by Murray Stein.
2. “The Architecture of the Soul” with discussion, by Andreas Jung.
3. Dialogue between Andreas Jung and Murray Stein and general discussion.
Andreas Jung, et. al. 2006. The House of C.G. Jung. Wilmette, IL.: Chiron Publications.
C.G. Jung. 2009. The Red Book. Ed. Sonu Shamdasani. New York: Norton.

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