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Jung and Indigenous Spiritualities


Featuring Jerome Bernstein and Jeanne Lacourt Ph.D.

Moccasins made by Jeanne A. Lacourt

Moccasins made by Jeanne A. Lacourt

 Jung’s visit to Taos Pueblo in 1925 made such an impact on him that thirty-six years after his encounter there, in one of the last letters he wrote before his death he said, “We are sorely in need of a truth or a self-understanding similar to that…which I have found still living with the Taos Pueblos….”. Jung seemed to recognize that indigenous people appeared to have an innate ability to understand and speak earth’s language and respect her ways. “Religion” as an institution that one adheres to does not exist for traditionally-oriented Indigenous people; rather, ALL of life is imbued with spirit, animate and inanimate, and ministering to life’s spirit manifests through a variety of spiritual practices.

This webinar will explore Jung’s thinking about religion and how it compares to Indigenous cosmologies as well as Jung’s own encounter with the numinosum at Taos Pueblo. Focusing on the biblical story of the Garden of Eden and native mythologies, we will introduce two psychic paradigms that illustrate the contrast between Western ideas of religion and Indigenous ways of life. Some of Jung’s later writings will challenge us to ask what is emerging today? What transformation is taking place?

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