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Featured Video Seminar

The Shadow and the Problem of Evil – Individual and Cultural Aspects

Jung Evil Shadow 
The problem of evil infects the individual psyche and the social order. Indeed, it is a fire problem in world culture and political arrangements. The reality of evil is indisputable, but there are questions about it: What is it? Where do we locate it?  What can we do about it? 
On the collective level, nations take action against perceived evil by building elaborate defense and prison systems. Enormous efforts are made to prevent evil from encroaching on a country’s territory and civil society. When evil breaks, out countries go to war, criminals are jailed, and defensive systems are aroused to their full magnitude. Similarly, when an individual is threatened by evil, psychological defenses are mobilized and actions taken. On an intrapsychic level, this is observed in dreams and fantasies. Evil is perceived as “out there” and must be defended against with laws and by force. But what of the evil within, the evil we do without conscious awareness, the evil we do to ourselves? And, can the perpetrator, inner or outer, be rehabilitated? Is there a therapy for evil? 

Join us on October 1st for the first 1.5 hour internet seminar in our Jung and the Shadow course live from Zurich.

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Featured Webinar

W-28 The Soul’s Ministrations: An Imaginal Journey Through Crisis

The Soul's Ministrations 
In this webinar, Dr. Tauber will first introduce the technique of her meditative active imagination she calls “alchemical painting.” After a brief period of question and answer she will then turn to the 17 paintings and poems that form the core of the book, touching on the symbolism of each in sequence. The focus is on the archetypal meaning that emerges in the field between psyche (the momentary inner and outer circumstances) and matter (the painting) at a particular moment in time. Finally, the image of the goddess in the last picture will be given special consideration: its personal impact for the author, its growing importance since then, and what it might mean to honor the presence of the archetypal divine feminine today.
“Marianne Tauber has made an outstanding contribution to Jung’s method of active imagination, including a depth psychological understanding of alchemy.” “The Soul’s Ministrations is one of the best and most inspirational firsthand accounts of how art heals by transforming a period of personal crisis and chaos into life affirming expression.”

Join us on January 18th as The Asheville Jung Center hosts this spectacular webinar.

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