Post Trump-matic Stress Disorder and Other Psychological Aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election

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Originally held Tuesday April 18, 2017
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On April 18th Dr. Buser presented an interactive web-based seminar discussing their recently re-released book, A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of President Trump. A recorded version of the webinar is now available. Participants were asked a number of poll questions offered the opportunity to unmute their microphones for discussion. Please enjoythe recorded seminar!

President Trump’s 2016 victory stunned the world and unleashed a new era in U.S. politics.  The Trump presidency has brought profound unconscious forces to surface in the United States with intensities not seen in decades.  The Psychological fallout has been extreme.  Those that watch current events with solely a rational eye, unaware of the deeper psychological forces underlying the headlines, will miss the primary forces afoot and risk being tossed about a chaotic sea of half-truths and symbolic dialogue.

In this webinar we explored:

  • Press KitIs he arrogant or a Narcissist?
  • Is he a Confident Man or a Con Man?
  • What is a Shadow Presidency?
  • What is a national unconscious Trump Complex?
  • What is meant by Post Trump-matic Stress Disorder?

Steven Buser, M.D. trained in medicine at Duke University and served 12 years as a physician in the US Air Force.  He is a graduate of a two-year Clinical Training Program at the CG Jung Institute of Chicago and is the co-founder of the Asheville Jung Center.  He is co-editor of A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of President Trump.  In addition to a busy psychiatric private practice, he serves as Publisher at Chiron Publications.


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