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    Peter B. Todd


    I believe that Trump is potentially such a menace to the world because he has identified his finite ego-consciousness with the numinous Self as a negative hero or saviour figure. Like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, he has therefore become an incarnation of the shadow side of the Messiah archetype aspiring to the omnipotence and grandiosity of world domination with the nuclear codes in his hands. Trump’s narcissistic rage and noted tendency to retaliate against who threaten his grandiose self or who embody his denied and split off shadow qualities could contribute to a third world war with a thermonuclear exchange capable of destroying much of the earth. With demise of traditional religious sources of numinous experience, a Messiah figure like Trump may be filling a vacuum in the collective. I explore this theme in my book The Individuation of God: Integrating Science and Religion (Chiron Publications, 2012) and in a symposium paper on the ResearchGate site. The link is:


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