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Putting Aside Childish Things: Enantiodromia From Ancient Israel to the 2012 Presidential Election

Some of Barak Obama’s original supporters have grown disenchanted. The depth of disappointment moved inversely with the collective appetite to make him a king and savior savior during the 2008 election cycle. Our collective hopes for deliverance are now exposing the enantiodromia present in political fervor.

President Obama: A Case Study of Opposites, Transcendence, & Mysterium Conjunctionis

NEWSWEEK’s cover, just days before the conference Symbols and Individuation in Global Politics is a bit of synchronicity. In this cover, the opposing polarities regarding how President Obama has been characterized are employed to snag the reader’s attention. The upcoming conference “Symbols and Individuation in Global Politics: The Case of Barack Obama” features renowned discussants who are exploring Global Politics and the current president of the United States

Global Politics, Obama, & Transcendent Function: A Jungian Perspective?

In September the Asheville Jung Center has ambitious plans to host a conference titled “Symbols and Individuation in Global Politics”. Do Jungians and the field of Analytical Psychology have something unique to offer in the arena of politics, political science, and political discourse? Of course, Jungians are entitled, indeed obligated, to participate in the political process. But is there a Jungian perspective on these matters?