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Architecture of the Soul: Inner and Outer Structures of C. G. Jung

The House of C.G.Jung completes a trilogy that began with Memories, Dreams, and Reflections and continued with the 2010 release of The Red Book. Six authors collaborated on the text of this beautiful book that belongs somewhere between an art book, a architecture and fenestra into the mind of Carl and Emma Jung.

Missed It By That Much

In yesterday’s Red Book conference Dr. Stein suggested that in Jung’s later years Jung stated that he did not “believe” but he “knew”. This may reflect Jung’s integration of the figure of Philemon a sort of prophet with whom he had engaged in fertile relationship for years. Dr. Stein connected his ideas about Jung’s mature faith to the modern theological trend known collectively as “Process Theology”. Sadly, Jung will not allow himself to recover the childlike realms of faith by offering a complete surrender. It is tempting to wonder what might have occurred if Jung had descended one additional millimeter. It is in that final millimeter that Jung reveals a profound struggle.