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In Memoriam: James Hillman

One way we might pay our respects to James Hillman is to redouble our efforts to grow down as we honor the unique journey of awakening and individuation that belongs to each.

What’s in Your “Red Book”?

The Red Book was one man’s (Jung’s) effort to plum his own depths. This is an invitation. If you feel so moved, share an excerpt from your personal “Red Book”.

In What Spirit Are You Living?: Jung’s “Spirit of the Times” vs “Spirit of the Depths”…

In the first section of Carl Jung’s Red Book he dives into the question of how he is living his life.  He feels torn between two powerful forces within his soul.  He calls them “the Spirit of the Times” & “the Spirit of the Depths”.   In this 3 minute video blog Dr. Murray Stein describes…