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A Look at Eternity through the Maya concept of Time and Reality

2012  Maya prophecy

Why all the fuss about the end of the world on December 21, 2012? And what do the Maya and Jung have to say about it?   By: Nancy Swift Furlotti  Do we really believe the end of the world is upon us at the end of this year? It is true that our world feels…

Touching the Unspeakable Nightmare – A Must See Film.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

I just finished viewing the film We Have to Talk About Kevin.  I watched the film primarily out of obligation as we are about to host a seminar on it.  I knew nothing about it, other than Dan Ross was moved by it and wanted to lead a seminar about “the Predator.”  I was absolutely…

Home and Archetype: A Review of “At Home in the World”

On February 4, 2011, we have the opportunity to participate on February 4, 2011 in a conference whose outer, visible subject is The Home of C. G. Jung. After reading Hill’s, At Home in the World: Sounds and Symmetries of Belonging, I suspect the upcoming conference through the Asheville Jung Center may end up being about our own magnum opus, our home.

The Female Trickster: A Postmodern, Post-Jungian, Feminist Perspective on a New Archetype

When a new, feminist voice appears on the scene, it deserves to be acknowledged. Tannen’s is a new voice. Listen to some phrases from her book. “Tricksters preside over moments of passage, rupture and transformation”. This is surely not a new idea. But the female trickster embodies “psychological authority, physical agency, and bodily autonomy”. That is a revolutionary idea.

The books scholarship is broad and imposing enough to justify owning it. Tannen has published in areas of feminist legal theory and has an appreciation for how patriarchal structures can subjugate the feminine. But the book is not a political rant nor a stridently feminist treatise. It is however, a well crafted, timely offering to study of archetypal psychology.

The Mythopoetic Path – A Road Less Traveled

There is an age old battle between the rational and irrational, the logical view versus an artistic or symbolic one. Jung talks of a “Mythopoetic Imagination,” which he saw as severely lacking in our modern culture.  It is what often engages us on  the Jungian path, which stands in stark contrast to our daily &…

Jung’s Shattering Midlife Crisis: A Man’s Plunge into “The Way.”

Jung’s escalating conflict with Freud drives him to the conclusion that his life is dramatically off course and needs imminent change.   In 1913 Jung drops most all of his professional positions and prestige and enters a dark encounter with his soul. Watch this 8 minute video where Dr. Stein describes Jung’s wrestling with his…

Sizing up a Client’s Inner Potential in the First Encounter

In Today’s blog Dr.  Murray Stein describes some of what’s going through a Jungian clinician’s mind in the first encounter with another… When Jungian psychotherapists face patients for the first time, they try to size them up. One listens to that first outpouring of narrative, of confession or complaint, with an ear cocked to tone….

Remembering, Repeating, and Working-Through: Working with the Shadow

Freud proposed in an essay that psychoanalytic technique had evolved from earlier efforts using hypnosis. This essay can be adapted to provide some guidance about working with the Shadow. How is Shadow addressed in Jungian analysis? What serves the function of moving a person from projecting to recovering their projections and finally arriving at integration?