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Tune In on 12-12-12; Save the World


What if it was up to you to save the planet. John Lennon captured it in his song, IMAGINE. Now a group of like-minded individuals is seeking to gather people across the planet to join in a 30 minute meditation at 9:30 PM EST. The Asheville Jung Center along with innerQuest Psychiatry & Psychotherapy’s recent…

Comments from “How the End of the World Grips Our Soul” Seminar Participants


We would like to thank all of those who joined our very intriguing seminar on November 29th about the impending end of the world controversy. Nancy Swift Ferlotti, Murray Stein, and Karen Jironet all gave wonderful presentations and insight into the Maya and their culture. We invite all those who attended to leave comments and…

What Do You Think of the Maya’s End of World Prophecy?

Mayan Structure

Thank you for taking part in our End of World Poll Please stay tuned as we will analyze the results. Click Here for our End of the World Seminar Information JavaScript needs to be enabled for polling to work. Online Surveys by Constant Contact. Please use the comment section below to add to your response.

Recent Discovery of Ancient Mayan Tomb Holds New Clues

Ancient Mayan Tomb

Will the discovery of the oldest Mayan tomb reveal more clues to the prophecies of the Mayan Calendar? A recent Archeological find will almost certainly add to our understanding of the demise of the Olmec civilization and the rise of the Mayan civilization but there may be other clues sepulchered within. Retalhuleu Region, Guatemala Archeologists…

A Look at Eternity through the Maya concept of Time and Reality

2012  Maya prophecy

Why all the fuss about the end of the world on December 21, 2012? And what do the Maya and Jung have to say about it?   By: Nancy Swift Furlotti  Do we really believe the end of the world is upon us at the end of this year? It is true that our world feels…