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Poll: Source of Jung’s Red Book

Thank you for participating in our poll! For more captivating conversation about Jung’s Red Book please join us on February 28th for the next installment in our Red Book series titled Cross-Cultural Symbolism in C.G. Jung’s Red Book: An Anthropological Exploration.Dr. Curtiss Hoffman brings his scholarly expertise as an anthropologist to thoroughly examine cross-cultural elements In this incredible text.

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What’s in Your “Red Book”?

Carl Jung’s Red Book provides a window into his interior life and since its publication there has been intense interest and study of the it’s contents.  We live in an extraordinary time in which information is so accessible that if you are near a wi-fi network and have any one of dozens of devices in hand, you can secure an answer to a question almost instantly.  I am typing this on an iPad.  I was tempted to pause and look up some shocking comparisons between the typical number of pages read by a modern person compared to someone from Jung’s era.  But that would lead me astray.  It seems we are flooded with more information but take less time to contemplate or reflect on that information.   Like humus that enriches the soil, data and information must be allowed to compost, to decompose, to dissolve in order to be reconstituted as psychological substance. Is there an inverse function between the quantity of information we encounter and the depth to which it penetrates us?  The Red Book was one man’s effort to plumb his own depths.  Jung must have had substantial faith to devote himself for so long and with such committed self-examination.  The Red Book is a testament to Jung’s willingness to descend into his inner universe with faith that there would be riches waiting to be discovered. I doubt that I am the only therapist who spends his/her days honoring client’s processes while neglecting his own.  I feel disheartened when clients disregard or neglect their rich interior life.  Yet, I have no right to cast the first stone; too often, I do not practice what I preach. This is an invitation.  If you feel so moved, share an excerpt from your personal Red Book. Many of us have been enriched by Jung’s Red Book.  Words, drawings, photos, verse, or whatever speaks to (and from) your depths would be welcome.  Many more may be enriched by some examples of the sort of entries being made in a current Red Book. Maybe those excerpts from your personal Red Book will inspire others to give their interior explorations their proper due.

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