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Fall Conference in New Mexico: “Civilization in Transition”

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  – Proverbs Civilization in Transition: Jungian Presence in Creative World Change. Carl Jung foresaw a change in world order that he believed was a “spiritual transformation” in civilization. Aware of both its dangers and positive potential, he spoke of it in Civilization in Transition, part of which…

CROESUS SYNDROME: The Shadow in Psychotherapy

What, if anything, can the psychoanalyst or psychotherapist do to contend with the shadow aspects of their professional persona? King Croesus of Lyda interpreted the Oracle’s message through his ego and it is a lesson to us all.

Missed It By That Much

In yesterday’s Red Book conference Dr. Stein suggested that in Jung’s later years Jung stated that he did not “believe” but he “knew”. This may reflect Jung’s integration of the figure of Philemon a sort of prophet with whom he had engaged in fertile relationship for years. Dr. Stein connected his ideas about Jung’s mature faith to the modern theological trend known collectively as “Process Theology”. Sadly, Jung will not allow himself to recover the childlike realms of faith by offering a complete surrender. It is tempting to wonder what might have occurred if Jung had descended one additional millimeter. It is in that final millimeter that Jung reveals a profound struggle.