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Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian


Further Reflections on “Rilke: Poetry and Alchemy Len Cruz If I Ain’t Jungian (Adapted by Len Cruz with permission from If I Ain’t African by Glenis Redmond.  Her poem is printed below.) If I ain’t Jungian someone tell my soul to stop sounding an ancient meditation bell. If I ain’t Jungian someone tell that woman in…

Jung, Izdubar, and Enantiodromion

Izdubar Headshot

By Dr. Curtiss Hoffman A Response to “Liber Secundus: Individuation as Integration”, an excerpt by Dr. Murray Stein from AJC #10: Carl Jung’s Red Book On the topic of Izdubar, back in 1914, when Akkadian (the language of the Gilgamesh Epic) was only beginning to be well known to scholars, and the much older Sumerian…

Liber Secundus: Individuation as Integration


An excerpt by Murray Stein, Ph.D. from AJC10: Carl Jung’s Red Book [Join us in our 4th Seminar on Carl Jung’s Redbook, Presented this time by Curtis Hoffman] The first part of Carl Jung’s Red Book was more about separation, in the second part Jung begins integrating several important things.  You could also refer to…