Janus in Zürich
Janus in Zürich:
Posted 212 days ago

Dr. Steve Buser and I have been treated to an extraordinary five days in Zürich, Switzerland. The collage above was created from two photos captured while on a long bicycle…

Janus in Zürich:
Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for Mother's Day
Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for M…
Posted 221 days ago

“The mother – daughter relationship is one of the most vital of all human relationships, resolving itself into the relationship each woman has not only to her mother, but also…

Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for M…
Posted 265 days ago

Collective Values In the Cadillac-Ford Ad War
Len Cruz

Recent advertisements by Cadillac and Ford caught my attention partly because when advertisers begin waging ad wars like these, there are reasons to…

Bud Harris
Dying into Life
Posted 375 days ago

By Bud Harris Ph.D. and Massimilla Harris Ph.D.

“Does our essence live on after death?” was a compelling question asked during the Asheville Jung Center’s webinar on “Re-visioning the Dead, Alive…

Dying into Life
Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian
Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian
Posted 399 days ago

Further Reflections on "Rilke: Poetry and Alchemy
Len Cruz
If I Ain’t Jungian
(Adapted by Len Cruz with permission from If I Ain’t African by Glenis Redmond.  Her poem is printed below.)
If I ain’t…

Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian

The Mythopoetic Path – A Road Less Traveled

There is an age old battle between the rational and irrational, the logical view versus an artistic or symbolic one. Jung talks of a “Mythopoetic Imagination,” which he saw as severely lacking in our modern culture.  It is what often engages us on  the Jungian path, which stands in stark contrast to our daily &…

Global Politics, Obama, & Transcendent Function: A Jungian Perspective?

In September the Asheville Jung Center has ambitious plans to host a conference titled “Symbols and Individuation in Global Politics”. Do Jungians and the field of Analytical Psychology have something unique to offer in the arena of politics, political science, and political discourse? Of course, Jungians are entitled, indeed obligated, to participate in the political process. But is there a Jungian perspective on these matters?

Jung’s Betrayal of Father Victor White (Catholic Priest)

Image via Wikipedia This week’s blog is the conclusion of Murray Stein’s lecture on Betrayal, given at Jungian Odyssey 2010.  In it he looks at the intense friendship and later dramatic breakup of Carl Jung and Father Victor White. If you watch the performance of The Jung-White Letters (now available on DVD), featuring Paul Brutsche…

The Age of the Holy Spirit: Transcending the polarities of God the Father and God the Son

We recently released a powerful theatrical drama of Carl Jung and Victor White wrestling profoundly with the natures of God, satan, good and evil. http://ashevillejungcenter.org/dvd-store/  The 90 minute dramatic piece is followed by 2 hours of Dr. Murray Stein lecturing on these topics out of Zurich.  In this weeks 7 minute video blog below, Dr….

Wilderness of Childhood: Adventure and Creativity

The Wilderness of Childhood may be the source of our creativity. The adventure and danger a child experiences when adults are not around may be vital for the proper unfolding of an adventurous, creative spirit. Our care and attention to children these days may have an unintended effect of stifling the adventure of childhood that occurs in the Wilderness.

Betrayal: A Way to Wisdom? -by Murray Stein

Betrayal is a hard topic to look at and hold onto for any length of time.  It engenders some  of our most intense emotions.  In this week’s blog, Murray Stein dives into the Christian Scripture and how it deals with betrayal in the Book of Job and the Gospel story.  The following is an excerpt…

Missed It By That Much

In yesterday’s Red Book conference Dr. Stein suggested that in Jung’s later years Jung stated that he did not “believe” but he “knew”. This may reflect Jung’s integration of the figure of Philemon a sort of prophet with whom he had engaged in fertile relationship for years. Dr. Stein connected his ideas about Jung’s mature faith to the modern theological trend known collectively as “Process Theology”. Sadly, Jung will not allow himself to recover the childlike realms of faith by offering a complete surrender. It is tempting to wonder what might have occurred if Jung had descended one additional millimeter. It is in that final millimeter that Jung reveals a profound struggle.

Jung’s Shattering Midlife Crisis: A Man’s Plunge into “The Way.”

Jung’s escalating conflict with Freud drives him to the conclusion that his life is dramatically off course and needs imminent change.   In 1913 Jung drops most all of his professional positions and prestige and enters a dark encounter with his soul. Watch this 8 minute video where Dr. Stein describes Jung’s wrestling with his…

Pathways to the Personal & Collective

Recent discussion about the movie AVATAR conducted in an online forum led me to the following thoughts. What other films, pieces of literature, poetry, paintings or sculpture, or music that others have encountered that touched a plucked a chord in you while also making a “collective” chord vibrate?

What’s in Your “Red Book”?

The Red Book was one man’s (Jung’s) effort to plum his own depths. This is an invitation. If you feel so moved, share an excerpt from your personal “Red Book”.