Janus in Zürich
Janus in Zürich:
Posted 211 days ago

Dr. Steve Buser and I have been treated to an extraordinary five days in Zürich, Switzerland. The collage above was created from two photos captured while on a long bicycle…

Janus in Zürich:
Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for Mother's Day
Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for M…
Posted 220 days ago

“The mother – daughter relationship is one of the most vital of all human relationships, resolving itself into the relationship each woman has not only to her mother, but also…

Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for M…
Posted 264 days ago

Collective Values In the Cadillac-Ford Ad War
Len Cruz

Recent advertisements by Cadillac and Ford caught my attention partly because when advertisers begin waging ad wars like these, there are reasons to…

Bud Harris
Dying into Life
Posted 374 days ago

By Bud Harris Ph.D. and Massimilla Harris Ph.D.

“Does our essence live on after death?” was a compelling question asked during the Asheville Jung Center’s webinar on “Re-visioning the Dead, Alive…

Dying into Life
Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian
Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian
Posted 398 days ago

Further Reflections on "Rilke: Poetry and Alchemy
Len Cruz
If I Ain’t Jungian
(Adapted by Len Cruz with permission from If I Ain’t African by Glenis Redmond.  Her poem is printed below.)
If I ain’t…

Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian

Thoughts from the Black Swan Seminar…

The seminar on Friday (still available for viewing) was an extraordinary opportunity for several people to come together, both on line and in person in Asheville.   There was so much to discuss with the Black Swan. It felt like the more we uncovered the more expansive the material became.  I was struck by the energy…

The Alchemy of the Black Swan: Nina’s Magnum Opus

Len’s posting last week about the film the Black Swan addresses not only an aspect of the protagonist’s nature, the pursuit of perfection, but it also reflect’s our society’s addiction to perfection. We not only want perfection, we want a shortcut to get there. Over the last few months postings on this blog regarding the…

Black Swan and Being a “Good Enough Therapist”

On August 26, 2011 the Asheville Jung Center will host a conference on the Black Swan. Don’t miss the conference or an excellent film review in Spring: : A Journal of Archetype and Culture.

Red Riding Hood: A New Twist

Is Little Red Riding Hood really a tale of sexual exploitation of the innocent feminine? What mother sends her daughter out amongst the wolves; unless of course, the daughter is a temptress, guilty of some sin. Read more.

True Grit- The Archetypal Realm of the Old West

The story of Rooster Cogburn and Mattie Ross must run deeply in the American psyche for there to be two films made from the book by Charles Portis. This latest version by the Coen Brothers is very loyal to the book and the changes they made are interesting to ponder as we will do later….

Helen Mirren’s Prospera & Lessons on Crafting the Persona

Helen Mirren’s gender-bending portrayal in The Tempest provides some ideas for the development of the “persona”. Check out 3/31 conference “Caring for the Soul” w/ Dr. Murray Stein.

Black Swan – A Film’s Descent into Darkness

Please note – the following is an in depth film analysis and reveals film plot… I could anticipate the reactions of fellow moviegoers to The Black Swan as I walked out of the theater. Those who were vocal about it thought it preposterous and laughable. I found it to be a wonderful depiction of a…

Rafael López-Pedraza: in Memoriam

A great analyst died last month. If you don’t know his work it is worth discovering.

Fall Conference in New Mexico: “Civilization in Transition”

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  – Proverbs Civilization in Transition: Jungian Presence in Creative World Change. Carl Jung foresaw a change in world order that he believed was a “spiritual transformation” in civilization. Aware of both its dangers and positive potential, he spoke of it in Civilization in Transition, part of which…

Home and Archetype: A Review of “At Home in the World”

On February 4, 2011, we have the opportunity to participate on February 4, 2011 in a conference whose outer, visible subject is The Home of C. G. Jung. After reading Hill’s, At Home in the World: Sounds and Symmetries of Belonging, I suspect the upcoming conference through the Asheville Jung Center may end up being about our own magnum opus, our home.