Janus in Zürich
Janus in Zürich:
Posted 212 days ago

Dr. Steve Buser and I have been treated to an extraordinary five days in Zürich, Switzerland. The collage above was created from two photos captured while on a long bicycle…

Janus in Zürich:
Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for Mother's Day
Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for M…
Posted 221 days ago

“The mother – daughter relationship is one of the most vital of all human relationships, resolving itself into the relationship each woman has not only to her mother, but also…

Mother-Daughter Relationships: Thoughts for M…
Posted 265 days ago

Collective Values In the Cadillac-Ford Ad War
Len Cruz

Recent advertisements by Cadillac and Ford caught my attention partly because when advertisers begin waging ad wars like these, there are reasons to…

Bud Harris
Dying into Life
Posted 375 days ago

By Bud Harris Ph.D. and Massimilla Harris Ph.D.

“Does our essence live on after death?” was a compelling question asked during the Asheville Jung Center’s webinar on “Re-visioning the Dead, Alive…

Dying into Life
Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian
Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian
Posted 399 days ago

Further Reflections on "Rilke: Poetry and Alchemy
Len Cruz
If I Ain’t Jungian
(Adapted by Len Cruz with permission from If I Ain’t African by Glenis Redmond.  Her poem is printed below.)
If I ain’t…

Confessions of a Reluctant Jungian

A Woman Shall Lead Them: The Feminine in “A Dangerous Method”

Jung and Spielrein

And a Woman Shall Lead Them The Feminine in A Dangerous Method By Len Cruz, MD A Dangerous Method is one of the best psychological film portrayals of the feminine I have seen in a very long time.  Knowing many of the historical elements that director David Cronenberg smoothly wove together in a 95 minute…

Broad National Release this Friday for “A Dangerous Method”

The long awaited Hollywood film about Carl Jung titled “A Dangerous Method” is scheduled to enter broad release across the nation this Friday, January 27, 2012. The Asheville Jung Center will be hosting 2 seminars on it; a 2 hour webinar on February 8th and a 3 hour Zurich based seminar on March 8th.  Do…

A Dangerous Method

A  Dangerous Method, a film by David Cronenberg based on the script by Christopher Hampton is exciting from its very first scene in which Keira Knightley portrays the disturbed young Sabina Spielrein.  Then over time as her healing begins and the secrets of her sexual perversions are brought to the light of consciousness, she begins…

Martha Marcy May Marlene: Movie Analysis by Daniel Ross


A close friend of mine, a psychotherapist, told me when she walked out of the theater after seeing this film she struggled getting her footing.  I too found the film to be unexpectedly disturbing like when you wake up in the middle of the night after hearing a sound and you begin quietly searching the…

In Memoriam: James Hillman

One way we might pay our respects to James Hillman is to redouble our efforts to grow down as we honor the unique journey of awakening and individuation that belongs to each.

The Christchurch Earthquakes: A Jungian Analyst’s Devastating Journey

SELF CARE IN THE MIDST OF INNER & OUTER FAULT-LINES Reflections on the impact and significance of the Christchurch earthquakes An address to the Christchurch Branch of the New Zealand Assn of Counsellors by Joy Ryan-Bloore, Jungian Analyst _______________________________________________________________________________   Abstract Since 4 September 2010, we, the people of Christchurch have been subjected to ongoing,…

The Better Angels of Our Nature

The Better Angels of Our Nature were called forth in the Energy! The Ecology of the Psyche and the World http://tiny.cc/28qbp

Ecopsychology: Revisioning Ourselves and the World

The upcoming seminar on Ecopsychology is timely. Ecopsychology is a nascent field that seeks to restore our connection to the world. It raises questions about the boundaries and focus psychology should have.

“Stone” – A Film Analysis

The movie “Stone” directed by John Curran, dropped like one from the theater marquees before you anyone knew it and so when I ask anyone of they have seen the film, the answer is “Oh yea! What happened to that one? I saw the trailer and that was it.”  So “Stone” will be remembered for…

Putting Aside Childish Things: Enantiodromia From Ancient Israel to the 2012 Presidential Election

Some of Barak Obama’s original supporters have grown disenchanted. The depth of disappointment moved inversely with the collective appetite to make him a king and savior savior during the 2008 election cycle. Our collective hopes for deliverance are now exposing the enantiodromia present in political fervor.